Revision Skincare

Brighten your complexion, minimize imperfections, and drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with clinically tested and proven Revision treatment products.

Pamper yourself with this lightweight, soothing and scientifically advanced skincare line to smooth, firm and replenish moisture in your face, neck and décolletage.

Infused with breakthrough peptides and the purest botanicals, each antioxidant-rich formula is targeted to enhance your skin’s appearance, restore a radiant complexion and a more youthful appearance.

For over 25 years, Revision Skincare has manufactured its product using only the highest ethical standards, which means its products are never tested on animals. Read more about why we love Revision Skin Care!

Cleanse & Tone

Brightening Facial Wash

This ultra-rich cleanser is infused with brightening botanicals to remove the day’s impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated.

Gentle Cleansing Lotion

This mild, creamy cleanser removes makeup without upsetting your skin’s delicate pH balance. Leave your skin feeling replenished and glowing.


Retinol Facial Repair

Retinol is a retinoid, the gold standard of great skin care. Retinoids are compounds derived from Vitamin A that offer a multitude of benefits to improve the quality of your skin and fight photoaging. Formulated with time-released retinol and infused with antioxidants, Revision's breakthrough serum is specially designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol should be applied at night before you go to bed. If you don't already use retinol regularly, then we recommend applying it every third night and building up to nightly as your skin becomes more tolerant. 

Teamine Eye Complex

This treatment product has been carefully formulated to address the multiple causes of dark circles and brighten your complexion.


This scientifically formulated neck lotion contains plant extracts, antioxidants and a unique blend of biotechnological ingredients to leave you with a smoother, firmer, younger-looking neck.

D·E·J Eye Cream

D·E·J eye cream™ provides intense moisturization for smoother skin texture. Advanced extracts, peptides and potent antioxidants work cohesively to create clinically proven results.


Hydrating Serum

Containing powerful antioxidants, this highly concentrated anti-aging serum is both lightweight and instantly absorbed for intense hydration when you need it most.

Prevent & Correct

Vitamin C Lotion

This daily antioxidant contains one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C available on the market (30%) for healthy, radiant skin. Vitamin C helps create collagen, neutralizes the free radicals that contribute to fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots, and decreases the production of melanin. 

Intellishade Original SPF 45

This peptide-rich tinted moisturizer not only leaves your skin with a fresh, dewy finish for a more youthful appearance, but also contains UVA and UVB protection.

Intellishade Matte SPF 45

This tinted moisturizer provides a matte finish, which is perfect for oilier skin types. Peptide-rich. Contains both UVA and UVB protection.

Foundational Kit

Includes a complete assortment of travel-sized samples—perfect for your carry-on! (Includes: Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Retinol Facial Repair, Teamine Eye Complex, Nectifirm, Hydrating Serum, Vitamin C Lotion, and Intellishade Original or Matte.)

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