Day 58 - Cabinetry arrives!

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

It's Day 58 of construction on our new office in 4S Ranch and the cabinetry has arrived at the site for installation!

The cabinetry was built offsite according to the the "shop drawings" that are based off of the original construction documents and measurements taken at the site.

Right now, individual units (e.g. a stack of drawers) are sitting in various rooms of the new space, waiting to be unpacked and installed. Here is my office, filled to the brim with millwork:

PHOTO: Three large pieces of cabinetry blocking a window.

Below a Utgard crewman unpacks a set of "uppers" (upper cabinets). Notice the shop drawing taped to the wall. The installation crew will use the shop drawings to make sure everything gets installed in the right place.

PHOTO: Stacks of shrink-wrapped cabinetry sitting in the break room.

I stopped by a couple of hours later and was excited to see the break room cabinets taking shape:

PHOTO: Man measures the cabinet where the sink will go.

Progress was also made on electrical. The "linears" were installed in the operating room, light switches were in, exit signs were in, and all of the "cans" were looking pretty in the lobby.

PHOTO: Collage of progress with eletrical. Lights and switches installed.

(The circular holes on the ceilings are where the sound speakers will go.)

All in all, another exciting day at the construction site! Until next time...

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