At the consultation, Dr. Yoo will recommend a custom treatment plan based on several factors, including your unique facial anatomy and desired outcomes. Non-surgical treatments, like Botox, fillers and laser treatments, usually run anywhere from the low hundreds to the low thousands. A single surgical procedure can range from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the complexity, expected operating time, and type of anesthesia. Often, savings (and the best results) can be realized by "bundling" services together. For example, combining surgery procedures may save time and we pass that savings on to you. To immediately see our current pricing (which will provide you with a ballpark figure of what to expect) submit a request for pricing.


Insurance policies do not cover changes to your appearance for purely cosmetic reasons, including rhinoplasty, scar revision, and lump removals. Procedures that correct a medical deficiency may be covered by your insurance plan. However, we have found working with insurance companies to be cumbersome and cost prohibitive. We do not work with insurance companies and we do not accept insurance as a form of payment.  If you would like to seek reimbursement on your own, we are happy to assist you upon request as an additional service. 

Financing Options

We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  

We also offer Prosper HealthCare Lending and CareCredit for your convenience. CareCredit offers 6- and 12-month no-interest plans that are popular with patients. 

In many cases, it may be helpful to apply for financing before your consultation with Dr. Yoo. Both Prosper and CareCredit offer online application processes that provide immediate results. We recommend applying to both sites to maximize your options, however the order in which you apply may matter. Apply for Prosper first and CareCredit second. Why? Because Prosper is a soft credit inquiry and will not affect your CareCredit results, but CareCredit is a hard credit inquiry and may affect your Prosper results.

If we know your budget, we can help you navigate your payment and financing options in order to make a decision that works best for you. We are happy to start this process at your initial consultation with Dr. Yoo.