3 Biggest Signs of Aging & How to Reverse Them!

PHOTO: Facial Plastic Surgeon Sirius K. Yoo, MD in his San Diego surgery center

Most of my patients come to see me because they want to make their outward appearance reflect how they feel inside – young and vibrant.

When we are young, our face appears full, supple and smooth. We all know what happens when we age. The skin develops wrinkles and sunspots. Everything starts to droop. But, do you know what’s causing those changes? Knowing the answer is the first step to obtaining a more youthful appearance.

When I do a consult with a patient, I listen to what the patient wants to change and then I examine his or her facial structure, which (in a nutshell) is formed by bones, muscle, fat and skin.

Over the years, the facial structure changes in a predictable pattern. Our eyes interpret those changes as “signs of aging.” The three biggest signs of aging are:

1.     Volume Loss – The face loses fat and the bones remodel, leading to hollowed out areas that make the face appear less supple.

2.     Laxity - Over time, the muscles and suspensory tissue (fascia) that hold up our face weaken and descend downward resulting in saggy skin and lack of definition.

3.     Dermal and Skin Changes – On a cellular level, things start to slow down that can lead to changes in the skin’s coloration and elasticity. Also, sun exposure accelerates and exacerbates the breakdown of collagen, elastin as well as pigmentary changes and growths.

People’s natural inclination is to focus on the dermal and skin changes. That’s a good place to start and there are a lot of options. Peels, laser treatments and using a good skin care line are all steps you can take to correct some signs of aging. Botox is also a good option for hiding wrinkles (it stops your face from forming some of the “wrinkled” expressions in the first place).

The next step people tend to take is to address volume loss. The most popular treatments are “fillers,” like Juvederm, Belotero and Radiesse. The downside is that they are temporary. A micro fat transfer can be more effective and more permanent.

So far, we’ve talked about some great options, but the ultimate secret to turning back the clock on aging is to surgically address laxity. Surgery tightens the underlying muscle and removes saggy skin, taking years off your face. There are surgeries that address each area of the face from eyelids to the mid-face to the neck.  Often times there are several surgical options for each area as well.

So, which treatment is right for you? A combination that is tailored to your unique facial structure is going to be the best solution. That’s why consultations are so important. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with me, I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss what would be most effective.

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