Day 17 - Speakers, Data & Plumbing

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

Today is Day 17 of construction. I'm excited because the speaker locations have been arranged on the ceilings! We have speakers in all of the rooms. It will be a pretty nifty setup, with the capability to have each room play different music independently of one another. This means that Dr. Yoo will be able to jam out to his favorite music in the operating room while the lobby plays more relaxing, spa-like music. Yes, surgeons do enjoy music while operating!

Below is what the speaker frames look like. See the black circles? That is where the speakers will go in this room. This is one of the consultation rooms.

PHOTO: Speaker locations are up!

Also, the data lines have been run. Every computer, printer, and phone needs an internet connection. That means a data line needs to be run from every data port to the main server room. As you can see from the below photo, we have a lot of data!

PHOTO: All of the data lines being fed to the server room.

The plumbing is in, too. Seeing such substantial pipes makes the project feel more "real" somehow -- there's no turning back, now!

PHOTO: The plumbing pipes.

What's next? More drywall and plumbing.

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