Day 23 - The Drywall Continues...

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

I stopped by the new space after the construction crew had left and can't believe the progress that's been made with the drywall!

The assistant station, where Ariana will sit, is really starting to take shape:

PHOTO: The drywall is up on the assistant station

The partial walls of the assistant station will eventually have frosted glass panels above them that go all the way up to the ceiling, providing privacy while still letting sunlight filter through.

In the consultation rooms, you can see where the sconces will go (the round holes) on either side of the framed mirror:

PHOTO: The drywall in the consultation room, with holes where the sconces will be placed.

When it was just the framing up, you could see through the "walls" and it was hard to get a true sense of how spacious the rooms will feel. Now, with the drywall going up, you can't see from room to room anymore. The rooms are finally taking shape!

From the hallway, looking at the door to the recovery room:

PHOTO: The drywall that separates the recover room from the hallway.

And here's the inside of the recovery room with the drywall almost completely up:


PHOTO: Drywall in recovery is almost completely up.

Later this week, I'm meeting with Kelly at Studio H to pick out frames and see a couple of the chairs that will be going into the space. Until then...

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