Day 26 - Fun at Kelly's

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

I always have fun when I visit Kelly Hinchman at Studio H! Today, Kelly wanted Dr. Yoo and I to stop by to choose the frames that will be used for artwork and mirrors throughout the space.

Kelly provided several options for us to choose from. Which ones do you like the best?

PHOTO: Frame styles to choose from.

Here are the two we chose:


The dark, thick frame adds masculinity while the metallic, thin frame adds glam. Kelly pointed out that these frames will go great with the other metallic finishes in the space. Then she gave me a sneak peek of the chandelier that will hang in the restroom:


I love it! Next, we unpacked a few of the hand-blown glass baubles that will hang from the chandelier. They are extremely delicate and a few actually broke during shipping. (No worries, Kelly ordered extras for this very reason!)

PHOTO: Three hand-blown glass baubles for the chandelier.

Looking at these gorgeous baubles gave us an idea. We had already planned a crystal wall feature for the reception area... what if we used these hand blown glass baubles instead of the crystal? We decided to do it and put in an order for more of the hand blown glass pieces.

Kelly also had the chairs for my office in storage that she wanted me to see. Here is my desk chair (minus the base):

PHOTO: White and silver high-backed modern office chair.

And here are two pictures of the guest chairs that will be in my office:

PHOTO: Off-white wing-backed guest chair.
PHOTO: Off-white wing-backed guest chair - another angle.

Seeing some of the furniture and finishes that will go in the space is a stark contrast to what the space looks like right now -- steel frames, drywall, wires. Hearing Kelly's vision and seeing everything come together increases our anticipation for the project's completion!

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