Day 4 - Up Above

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

It's Day 4 of construction (read about Day 3 here) and most of the progress you'll only see if you look up. The tubing for the HVAC system (air conditioning) now snakes above the ceiling framing. It's kind of pretty, actually.

There is a main "tube" from each the HVAC units (shown here) with smaller tubes that branch off into each of the rooms.

Intake and exhaust grills will be placed where each of the tubes "joins" a room. Placement of these needs to be exact because the positions are carefully coordinated with lighting and fire sprinkler placement.

The construction crew also started drywalling the lobby. Look how high those ceilings are going to be! Love our 12-foot ceiling.

I also noticed that the electrical outlets were in place.

At the next site meeting, we'll review the height and placement of all of the outlets and wall switches. This is just one example of how detailed our project is! Everything has been thought out to the umpteenth degree ... all to create a luxurious, custom space for our patients! Until next time....

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