Day 45 - Walls are prepped for paint!

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

You are going to be shocked by the progress in today's post! (Well, I am at least.)

This week, the drywall is being prepped for paint. All of the seams where the drywall panels join together are covered with plaster in order to create a smooth, seamless wall to paint.

Here is a photo of the Utgard crew at work in the reception area:

PHOTO: Two men mix plaster in the reception area.

And here is a view with the reception area behind me, looking through the assistant station to the breakroom and my office:

PHOTO: From the assistant station looking towards Amber's office.

Here's one more facing the opposite direction, so I'm standing in the breakroom looking through the assistant station towards the reception area:

PHOTO: The assistant station has drywall that is plastered.

Look at how far we've come! Here is a time progression from Day 0 to Day 45 of the handwashing station in the hallway:

PHOTO: A compilation of three photos showing the handwashing station progress over time.

Day 0 was the line snaps, Day 1 was the framing and Day 45 is the plastered drywall!

I can't wait to see what's next! Until then...

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