Day 7 - Drywall, Insulation & Electrical

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

It's Day 7 of construction and the crew is continuing to install the drywall. First, they put up the insulation. The entire space will have sound-proofing insulation in order to provide more privacy for our patients and staff. Here, the insulation is going up in the operating room:

Insulation installation in the operating room.

After the insulation is up, they add the layer of drywall:

PHOTO: installing drywall in the lobby

In most of the space, the drywall actually extends up higher than the ceiling. Here, you can see a worker installing drywall above the ceiling framing in one of the consultation rooms:

PHOTO: Installing drywall above the ceiling.

Also today, the electrician was running the electrical lines. Each power outlet has a line that runs from the outlet to the electrical panel. Here, you can see the two electrical panels and the lines that are being run:

PHOTO: Electrical lines are being run.

Even though the progress shown here are things our patients will never see in the finished product, it's so exciting to see all of these expert tradesmen come together to make our vision a reality! Until next time...

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