Day 72 - Tile, Doors & Sign

Today is Day 72 of construction at the 4S Ranch office and it's a big day! We're nearing the finish line ... a LOT is going on.

In the lobby, we used a laser to review the placement and scale of our sign behind the reception desk. We used a printed version of our logo to see what it would look like:

PHOTO: The SKY logo on paper, taped to the wall.

Our logo will be mounted on a pane of frosted glass and the glass pane will be mounted to the wall so that it "floats" in front of the floor-to-ceiling stacked quartz.

The Calcatta marble is going in today! I cannot wait to see what it looks like! The entire floor of the lobby is Calcatta marble and it will also flow up the front of the receptionist desk.

PHOTO: Man begins to install tile on front of reception desk.

The operating room has been temporarily turned into a tile workshop!

PHOTO: Tile cutter in operating room.

Also exciting, the barn doors with frosted glass panels have been installed! There is one for each consultation room.

PHOTO: Barn door

And... the entry door is in! 

PHOTO: Entry door with sidelight

Yes, that's Carlos Santana peeking in. The hallways are lined with original paintings of famous musicians.

The original door for the space was around a corner next to the building's exit stairwell. We kept that door as a back door, but added a new entry door in the main hallway. I LOVE the sidelight.

The space is finally starting to take shape and that means we can talk wall art. Kelly Hinchman and I walked around deciding which walls needed artwork and exactly how big each piece needed to be. Here is Kelly deciding the height of the community bulletin board that we will install in the hallway.

PHOTO: Kelly positions frame against wall, while holding dog.

And of course our furry friend Elizabeth Taylor had to make an appearance! Until next time...

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