Day 76 - Arts & Crafts

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

It's Day 76 of construction and we are moving in next week!!!!

This weekend I got together with Kelly Hinchman, our interior designer, to review the art plan for the space and do some crafts.

We've been bouncing ideas for art off of each other for several weeks, but now we need to sit down and finalize our plan. We placed a piece of wax paper over the floor plan and marked out where art is needed. Next, we looked at all of our options and set aside our favorites. Then, we used the budget and measurements to determine which pieces will go where.

Here is Kelly writing down our plan:

PHOTO: Table strewn with images of art and a space layout.

Several of the pieces shown on the table made the cut. The "Tree Rings" at the top of the table will go in the hallway. The striped piece on the right you've seen before for Dr. Yoo's office. And "Paper Trails," the bottom left piece, will go in my office.

After the art plan was settled, it was time for some crafts! In the lobby, there will be a feature wall with hand blown glass balls hanging on steel strands, so that it looks like they are floating. We have the glass balls ... now we just need to connect them to the steel strands! Both Kelly and I have (limited) experience making jewelry, so we dusted off our tools and got to work.

PHOTO: Table covered with tools and beads.

Three hours later ... finished! Here is one of the strung hand blown glass balls:

PHOTO: Hand blown glass ball hanging from strand of steel.

We also had two sconces for each consultation room that Kelly wanted to work her magic on. The base of the sconce was originally very gold. Kelly used metallic paint to soften the gold tone.

PHOTO: Hands applying metallic paint to sconce.

She also spray painted the air vents and speaker grills to match the wallpaper that will go on the ceilings in the consultation rooms.

PHOTO: Air vents laying on the ground being spray painted.

The consultation rooms will have alcove ceilings that have a finish that looks similar to silver leaf.

And what a surprise, Kelly made this beautiful and fragrant bouquet of flowers for me!

PHOTO: Gorgeous bouquet of flowers sitting on a table.

Thanks, Kelly! They smell so good.

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