Day 77 - Floor & Tile Finished!

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

We stopped by the 4S Ranch office on Day 77 of construction and are so excited to see the floors and tile totally done!

In the lobby, the wall of stacked white quartz looks absolutely stunning.

PHOTO: Wall behind reception desk with floor to ceiling stacked quartz.

Remember the hand blown glass balls that Kelly and I strung from steel strands? Here is where they will hang:

PHOTO: Alcove in lobby.

The back of the alcove is covered with textured wallpaper. The wooden board at the bottom will be painted and filled with crystals.

The floor of the lobby looks amazing and will look even better after it's grouted.

PHOTO: Marble floor.

In the hallway, the blonde wood floor looks light and modern.

PHOTO: Wood floor in hallway.

At the handwashing station, the sink is installed.

PHOTO: Sink in hallway.

On Friday, we had noticed the vinyl flooring being unloaded:

PHOTO: Three men unloading vinyl flooring from truck.

Today, it's installed in the consultation rooms.

PHOTO: Vinyl floor.

Like the pattern? It still needs to be waxed (to make it shiny).

In the bathroom, the tile and the counter top is installed.

PHOTO: Tile in bathroom.

Next, the sink and toilet will go in. Hard to believe that in a couple of days, the space will be ready for furniture!!

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