I can't believe that today is the big reveal. Construction is DONE and we are moving in!

Kelly Hinchman and her team at Studio H spent the entire day moving in furniture, artwork and accessories. Just like you see on HGTV, we had planned a "reveal" where Dr. Yoo and I walk through the finished space (with no peeking during the day).

Around 6 o'clock, Kelly texted us that she and her team were ready. We headed over to the space and opened the door ...

PHOTO: Lobby with logo, tiled wall and plants.

First of all, yes, that is a growler of Ballast Point Sculpin waiting for us ... the San Diego version of champagne, because nothing says "celebration" like a local IPA.

But, getting beyond that, the lobby is absolutely stunning with a entire wall of stacked quartz, our logo on a frosted panel, gorgeous solid surface counters and a strip of honey onyx. The beautiful flower / succulent arrangement was a gift from Studio H.

Here's a close-up:

PHOTO: Flower arrangement.

Turning towards the right, the coffee credenza is very handsome and inviting:

PHOTO: Coffee credenza.

The coffee credenza was designed by Kelly and custom built for the space. You can see the concept photos of the coffee credenza here. The glass shelves will hold our skincare product line.

In the consultation rooms, Kelly showed Dr. Yoo the custom-made credenza, which hold all of our medical instruments and supplies:

PHOTO: Kelly shows Dr. Yoo the credenza.

Next, we walked into Dr. Yoo's office. The solid wood desk is functional and handsome:

PHOTO: Dr. Yoo sitting at his desk.

In my office, we sat down for a moment to take it all in.

PHOTO: Dr. Yoo and Amber sitting.

These photos are just a sneak peek of all the gorgeous details in the new space. We have a photo shoot scheduled and we will post the professional photos soon .... however, please feel free to stop by anytime for a tour. You can also see the space at our Grand Opening party on March 27!

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