Diary of a New Patient: The Consultation

Guest written by Lauren Dominguez, our MBA intern. Before the internship started, Lauren scheduled a consultation without telling the team that she was the new intern. In this post, she writes about her SKY experience.

Have you ever considered getting plastic surgery or injectables? Whether it be something as noninvasive as Botox or fixing a confidence-killing imperfection with surgery, many of us have that lingering curiosity. What could plastic surgery offer me? Although we wonder, many do not take the next step to set up an appointment because we worry that:

  • I don't know what I’m looking for.

  • I don’t want to be pressured into anything.

  • I don’t know enough about the procedure to go ask about it.

I, too, had those thoughts. As a 27-year-old woman, I had the normal reservations. Can I ask about fillers? Will I look natural? What I learned is that the consultation process is the best way to address all of those questions and concerns. You can ask about anything you want. No one is too young or too old to work on making themselves feel as confident as they can.

I called SKY Facial Plastic Surgery on a Monday afternoon. I had an enjoyable conversation with the receptionist and asked if there was availability this week. Expecting to be laughed at and told the next appointment was in two months, I was delighted when she happily made the accommodation for me. She inquired as to why I was seeking the consultation and as I felt my embarrassment begin to seep in and I squeaked out the answer that I wasn’t sure, maybe Botox? “No problem, we will see you soon, Ms. Dominguez. Have a great day.”

I arrived at the office and was promptly greeted and given some paper work to fill out. I sat down in the beautifully lit, inviting lobby marveling at the art installations and unique touches in the entryway.  The paper work was explained to me step by step. I was informed that it would take about 15 minutes to complete the information. Everyone was prompt, polite, and I loved feeling like I was being kept abreast of everything going on; the forms I was filling out, the expected wait time. It quelled any anxiety I had about the visit.

I entered the consultation room and my first thought was that it was far from the sterile doctor’s office that I had been expecting. The modern design made it feel very much like a relaxing spa.

Jaelyn, Dr. Yoo’s medical assistant, sat down with me and discussed my goal for the consultation. Explaining that I merely wanted some more information about my options, she was very understanding and conveyed my curiosities to the doctor.

Dr. Yoo came into the room with a big smile on his face and introduced himself. His warm personality and personable nature was just what my laid-back SoCal vibe was looking for in a doctor.

We talked about what I felt self conscious about and he explained all of my options. What I loved about the consultation was how thorough he was with his explanations. That line in between my eyebrows; yes, the one that is there because of my constant worry face; that is the glabella and if I wanted Botox he explained how much and why that amount was appropriate. He told me about what I could do about my crows feet, forehead, and skin problems. Then came the part a lot of people dread:

“He’s gonna ask me if I want to book it. I don’t know yet. How much will that be?

I hate pressure!”

Surprisingly Dr. Yoo departed saying, “Jaelyn will go over any costs related to the procedure. It was a pleasure to meet you. If you think of any more questions, just let me know.”

Wow. Jaelyn had been taking notes and double checked everything with Dr. Yoo. She brought back a printed estimate, we reviewed the itemized amounts, and she asked if I wanted to schedule the recommended treatments. My response; “I need to think about it.” That was it. No pushing and prodding. Jaelyn replied that it was a pleasure to meet me and that she’d call me in a week to see if I had any questions. This is a big decision and I appreciated the professional manner in which they handled the sensitive topics of pricing and taking the next step to book.

Maybe it will be right for you, maybe it won’t. Either way, I encourage anyone interested or curious about injectables or facial plastic surgery to book a consultation. What is there to lose? Dr. Yoo and his team are there to answer any and all questions.

I took the printed estimate home with me and have been thinking about getting Botox. I think as the hectic holiday season rolls in I might just have to make that appointment, relax, and take some time out for myself.

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