Diary of a Rhinoplasty Patient: New Nose Review

Written by a real patient who had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty in May 2015.

I have always been very self-conscious of having my picture taken. So, when I recently moved to San Diego, and wanted to join some online social clubs to meet new people, I put off joining because they required that you publish a picture of yourself, and I hated what I looked like in all my pictures.

I've hated my nose my entire life. I have always had to breathe out of my mouth because my sinuses were so obstructed. Not only was I unable to breath out of it, but it was also too crooked and narrow, plus a hump. 

Because of the breathing problems, I've been told for years that I needed to have a septoplasty. After doing some research, I felt that addressing the cosmetic concerns at the same time would work best for me and I was pleased to see that Dr. Yoo’s expertise meant he could do all of the procedures I needed without involving multiple surgeons.

Dr. Yoo is a skilled surgeon who is also very compassionate. He listens to what you want to achieve and takes the time to explain exactly what is involved in the surgery and recovery process along with what realistic results that you can expect to achieve.  He also shows you computer simulations of what you will likely look like after your surgery.

I was a little nervous the day of the surgery. When I arrived at SKY’s surgery center, everyone was so friendly and knowledgable.  Dr. Yoo and his team made sure that I felt safe and well cared for both before and after the surgery.  They called to check on me the day after I went home and let me know that I was welcome to call anytime if I had any questions. I only took pain medicine the first couple days and I was really pleased at how quickly I healed.  I had very little bruising and only a tiny black and blue under my eyes that was gone within a week. Although I was informed that I might be congested for a couple months after my surgery while my nose was healing, the first thing I noticed when I awoke from surgery was that I could take in a full breath of air without opening my mouth! It was such a strange and wonderful sensation.

I'm happy with how I look for the first time in my life.  I love my new nose; it turned out even better than the computer simulations that Dr. Yoo showed me. It is now straight, the hump is gone, and it is evenly proportioned to the rest of my face.

Ten days after I had my surgery, I had to go to the DMV to get my California license and when I received it in the mail, I was shocked – no one ever likes their driver license photo, but I LOVE mine!!! I feel like I have a new outlook on life.  I am looking forward to meeting new friends and starting my new life in San Diego. 

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