Dr. Yoo Runs the San Dieguito Half Marathon

PHOTO: Dr. Yoo runs the San Dieguito Half Marathon.

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Sirius K. Yoo for running the San Dieguito Half Marathon this past Sunday (yes, on Valentine’s Day)! The race was a fundraiser for community service projects and local charitable causes. A historic race, the San Dieguito Half Marathon is one of America’s oldest half marathons now in its 48th year. 

The weather was ideal for the 13.1 mile run – crisp and clear. Dr. Yoo lined up with the other runners at the starting point in the heart of the San Dieguito Park. The out-and-back course ran through the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, and is noted by some as “one of the most beautiful and scenic courses you’ll ever run.” While Dr. Yoo drives through Rancho Santa Fe often, he was quick to note that jogging the course afforded more time to appreciate the scenery, especially the San Dieguito Reservoir and the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course.

Dr. Yoo previously ran in the Safari Park Half Marathon to raise money for endangered animals, however that race has been indefinitely cancelled. We’re looking forward to supporting Dr. Yoo in the San Dieguito race for many years to come.

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