How to Remove a Dorsal Hump (Nose Bump)

PHOTO: Before and after photo of real rhinoplasty patient showing removal of dorsal hump ("nose bump")

One of the most common cosmetic changes my rhinoplasty patients request is removal of their dorsal hump, or the bump on the bridge of their nose that they feel is particularly unflattering when viewed on profile. The typical questions I hear are during the initial consultation include:

  • Can I fix this nose bump without surgery?
  • Is it possible to fix my nose bump under local anesthesia?
  • Can I have a "minor" nose job to fix a bump?
  • Is it necessary to break the nose to fix such a small bump?
  • Is there a way to remove the nose bump without breaking the nose?
  • Can you file or shave the dorsal hump down?

The answer is, "it depends on the size of the dorsal hump." If the hump is less than 1-2 millimeters (about the width of a grain of rice), then there are more options for removing it including fillers, shaving, rasping, and local anesthesia. If the hump is more than 1-2 millimeters, osteotomies are frequently necessary for the best results. Osteotomies are the maneuver that patients are referring to when they think of the nose being broken. Anesthesia and traditional rhinoplasty surgery is required for osteotomies. Here is a video that explains what is involved with osteotomies and illustrates why removing a "nose bump" may be more complicated than you think!

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