San Diego Murder Mystery Dinner Show

by Amber Yoo, M.B.A.

You know you work with pretty cool people when they choose a murder mystery dinner show for the team holiday outing! In December, I offered the SKY Team three choices for an outing: dinner at Escondido’s Vintana, a dinner cruise during San Diego Bay’s Parade of Lights, or a murder mystery dinner show by The Dinner Detective. To my delight, they chose the murder mystery dinner show.

The show was a blast. Each audience member was asked to adopt a persona with a fictional life. I was Scarlett, from Gone With the Wind. Dr. Yoo was Hercule, our receptionist was Cher and our clinic assistant was Loretta. 

There were two main actors, the detectives, who led the murder investigation. They were very funny and did a great job of engaging the audience. After the first murder, they went around the room, picking people out of the audience and grilling them on their alibi. One of the detectives interrogated Dr. Yoo.  Naturally, Dr. Yoo denied ever knowing the victim and claimed he had an alibi for the time of death. The detective shocked us all by pulling out a photo of Dr. Yoo that he claimed he found on the victim’s body! Dr. Yoo was now a prime suspect!!

Another fun twist was when a couple that was seated at our table – Dean and Jessica – turned out to be part of the show. About halfway through dinner, they began arguing (rather convincingly). Things got heated when Dean was questioned about a connection he had with one of the murders. Before we knew what was going on, Dean was shot!

In the end, the murderer was brought to justice (naturally) and we enjoyed getting a chance to meet all the actors. Overall, it was a fun experience to have with the team and a great way to close out 2012. 


Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.Comment