SKY Facial Plastic Surgery: A Spa-Like Oasis

PHOTO: Screenshot of the website, Interiors & Sources, featuring SKY Facial Plastic Surgery.

On Oct. 24, SKY was featured on Interiors and Sources, an interior design publication. In Ben Frotscher’s article From Surgeon’s Office to Spa-Like Oasis he discusses our 4S Ranch office’s tranquil and spa-like atmosphere.  

Last February, our interior designer Kelly Hinchman revealed the finished space and we celebrated with our Grand Opening. Designing our 4S Ranch location was a long and arduous process, but one we enjoyed along the way. We began with a blank slate on Day 1 and carefully analyzed each detail. We combined beauty with functionality in all the nooks and crannies of our 1,858 square feet space. From our accredited surgery center to our custom-built furniture, the design enables us to provide quality, experienced health care in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Our goal was to create an inviting, spa-like environment that delighted our patients. We feel we achieved this goal and are so happy to get the positive feedback from Interiors and Sources that they agree! 

See the article here.