SKY Ranks Top 100 Gator-Led Companies

SKY's VP Amber accepts the Gator100 award on behalf of SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, ranked the 34th fastest growing Gator-led companies in the world.

Last week, Amber traveled to her old college town of Gainesville, Florida to be honored as a University of Florida (UF) alumnus leading one of the top 100 fastest growing "Gator" companies. 

In 2014, the University of Florida launched the Gator100 as a way to recognize and celebrate the 100 fastest growing businesses owned or led by UF alumni. To generate the ranking, Ernst & Young calculated each company’s compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past three years. SKY Facial Plastic Surgery ranked number 34 out of 100. See a PDF of the full list.

At the awards ceremony, when it was announced that SKY ranked #34.

At the awards ceremony, when it was announced that SKY ranked #34.

"Locally in San Diego, we are proud to be a family-owned and operated company that is involved with and gives back to the community. To be ranked the 34th fastest growing Gator-led company in the world is such a surprise and honor," says Amber. "This wouldn't be possible without our wonderful patients, who put their faith in us every day, and our amazing team, who give their all to provide the best experience for our patients."

"Our alma mater holds a special place in our hearts because being Gators is what brought us together in the first place," adds Dr. Yoo. The Yoos met in Gainesville in 2003. Amber is a two-time University of Florida alum, graduating with her Bachelor's in Business Administration and later with her Masters in Business Administration. Dr. Yoo earned his Bachelor's in Organic Chemistry from UF. 

See the full program (SKY is on page 30) here.