The SKY Team Runs for Rhinos!

Baby Charlees and her mom, Alta; greater one-horned rhinos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.


Join our “crash” as we run and fundraise for the endangered rhinos at the Safari Park Half Marathon on Sunday, May 5! 2013 will be The SKY Team’s second year participating in the Safari Park Half Marathon.

How you can help:

1.   Make a tax-deductible donation on Dr. Yoo's fundraising page.  Donate for Charlees. Donate for the rhinos who are killed every year for their horns. 

2.   Join The SKY Team and run with Dr. Yoo! (The password to join the team is “skyfps”.) The 13.1-mile course starts at Westfield North County Mall, passes wine vineyards, horse farms, golf courses, and ends inside the Safari Park.

3.   Volunteer with us! Denise, Ariana and I are going to volunteer the day of the event. If you sign up, let me know by leaving a comment below. I'll add you to our team.


Helping animals is my greatest passion, and I am fortunate to have the support of Dr. Yoo, Denise and Ariana.

Last year, Dr. Yoo ran for the critically endangered Sumatran tigers. I'm thrilled that San Diego Zoo Global recently hit its fundraising goal and will soon break ground on a wonderful new habitat for its five Sumatran tigers. 

This year, Dr. Yoo is running for the endangered Rhinoceros unicornis, more commonly known as the greater one-horned rhino

These magnificent animals are being killed just for their horns. The horns are used for dagger handles in the Middle East and medicinal purposes in Asia. There are only 2,800 greater one-horned rhinos left in the world. San Diego Zoo Global supports rhino conservation in every country that these animals are currently found. 

The Safari Park has the largest crash of rhinos and the most successful captive breeding program for rhinos anywhere in the world. Charlees, the Park's newest addition, is the 61st greater one-horned rhino born at Safari Park since 1975. Charlees and the rest of the rhinos enjoy the Park's 40-acre Asian Savanna habitat.

Together, we can help San Diego Zoo Global continue its conservation efforts for these endangered animals and contribute to the care and enrichment of the rhinos in its care. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support!