Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

As San Diegans, we are fortunate to enjoy a relatively mild climate year-round.  Still, mild as it is, wintertime presents a real challenge when it comes to keeping our skin looking and feelings its best.  The dry, cold winter air and the use of indoor heat can rob the moisture from our skin, leaving us feeling itchy and flaky.  Fortunately, making just a few simple changes to your daily regimen can improve skin’s suppleness and restore a healthy glow:

Tip #1:  Avoid hot showers. 

Hot showers are pure luxury in the winter, but hot water wreaks havoc on your skin. Opt for a lukewarm shower instead. The same goes for washing your face.

Tip #2: Wash with a gentle cleanser.

Harsh facial soaps can strip your face of its natural oils, which help prevent dryness. In the winter, try using a face wash that is “for sensitive skin,” as that type tends to be gentler.

Tip #3: Apply oil-based moisturizer daily.

To prevent dry skin in the colder months, use a moisturizer that’s oil-based. The oil acts as a protective layer for the skin, keeping moisture in. I recommend a noncomedogenic night cream. Noncomedogenic means that it is specially formulated to not clog or block pores.

Tip #4: Don’t dismiss the sunscreen.

Even though we associate sunscreen with summer, ultraviolet (UV) rays are a year-round skin threat. They penetrate the clouds, reflect off of snow, and may even be present indoors (from compact fluorescent bulbs).

Tip #5: Use a humidifier indoors.

Indoor heaters (and dry air in general) can dry out your skin. Strategically place humidifiers in the rooms you spend the most time to introduce moisture back into the air.

Finally, remember to drink your H2O.  Keeping your body well-hydrated will help your skin look and feel its best, too!