Using CareCredit for Cosmetic Surgery

Feel your best. Look your best. CareCredit is the payment option for all your health and beauty needs.

Interested in cosmetic surgery, but wish you could pay for it over time? CareCredit helps you get and keep the look you want within your monthly budget.

CareCredit functions just like a credit card, allowing patients to spread payment for cosmetic procedures over several months. Once you have CareCredit, you can use it as often as you want, without reapplying, as long as you have available credit.

What CareCredit Covers

Think of CareCredit as your personal beauty credit card. At SKY, you can use it to pay for any of our treatments and surgeries.

How CareCredit Works

  1. Apply for CareCredit – Applying is simple and easy:

  2. Schedule a Consultation – Meet with Dr. Yoo, our facial plastic surgeon, to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired look.

  3. Choose a Payment Plan – After the consultation, we will give you an estimate that includes two types of CareCredit financing options:

    • No Interest if Paid in Full – Spread your payments out over 6 or 12 months. If the balance is paid in full by the end of the payment period, the interest will be waived. If the balance is not paid in full, accrued interest is added to the existing balance.
    • Fixed Payment with Reduced APR – Spread your payments over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. Pay a fixed monthly amount with the interest built in. The 14.90% Annual Interest Rate (APR) is lower than many credit cards.

  4. Submit Monthly Payments - CareCredit will send you monthly statements, just like any other credit card you have. Make the recommended payment to follow the plan you’ve chosen.

Common Questions about CareCredit

I already have a CareCredit card. Can I use that with you?

Yes, we accept existing CareCredit cards. The first time you use your card with us, we will need to see two forms of identification.

How long does it take to process the CareCredit application? 

It usually takes less than a minute for CareCredit to approve your application.

I come in regularly for cosmetic injectables. Can I just pay over the phone?

In order to protect you from fraud, we only accept payments in person where we can verify your identity. 

Can I call you if I have questions about my bill? 

 CareCredit functions just like your other credit cards. If you have questions about your bill, CareCredit representatives would be happy to assist you.

Using CareCredit makes it easy to build beauty into your monthly budget. If you would like to learn more about using CareCredit to pay for cosmetic surgery and procedures, call us at (858) 381-4801. We would love to hear from you!

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Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.Comment