Why We Love Revision Skin Care

Here at SKY, we take pride in every procedure we do and every product we use. That's why choosing a skin care line to recommend to our patients was not an easy decision. After vetting numerous product lines, we chose Revision Skin Care. This is a product that we use ourselves. We believe in it and love to talk with patients about it.

What is Revision?

Revision Skin Care is a line of beauty products that provides targeted solutions for enhancing skin's appearance and reducing the signs of aging. Revision has treatment and prevention products, which include a neck tightening cream and tinted SPF. 

Why Revision at SKY?


These are pharmaceutical grade products that can only be found in a doctor's office. The product line has been in formulation for more than 25 years. Revision is one of only a few skin care lines that is manufactured "in house," allowing the entire product process, from ingredient sourcing to deliver, to be under strict quality control.


Revision Skin Care is the result of intense research and rigorous testing. Each product is backed up with studies and before-and-after photos. Because Revision is sold exclusively through physicians, it is packed with some of the strongest active ingredients on the market. 


One of Revision's main focuses is to maintain a neutral pH for most of its products. This makes the product gentler on your skin and reduces the likelihood of a reaction.


The company reveals each ingredient that goes into their line. We like that the ingredients are "all natural" and also, since we are big animal lovers, that Revision is not tested on animals!

Patients Love It

Not only is it a product that WORKS, but it feels and smells great, too! The tinted SPF, Intellishade, won the NewBeauty Best of Beauty Award. Even our favorite mom from Modern Family, Julie Bowen, says the product “is amazing!”  Did we mention that even Dr. Yoo uses Revision?

Ready to Learn More?

Schedule your consultation today and learn more about the Revision line and the other products and procedures that will get you to your most confident self!