Yoo Family Featured in 92127 Magazine

Photo of the Yoo family by Spark Photography

The duo who own and operate this family-run business, Dr. Yoo, our facial plastic surgeon, and Amber, our vice president, are featured in the spring issue of the 92127 Magazine! Dr. Yoo and Amber are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this month.

The Article

Sirius and Amber Yoo met through a friend at the University of Florida. Sirius was majoring in chemistry, and Amber's focus was in business administration. When Amber walked through the door, Sirius remembers thinking, "I hope that's her!" They were soon engaged. Their studies continued as Sirius graduated from University of Michigan Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Washington. He was awarded a fellowship in facial plastic surgery at Stanford. Amber graduated Beta Gamma Sigma with a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Florida. 

This spring is their 10th wedding anniversary. The Yoos moved to Verrazzano in Santa Luz as newlyweds. Their family includes a six-year-old Whippet named Hayden and a 13-year-old cat named Freckles.

The Yoos discovered the neighborhood on an exploratory road trip. "The community's Italian-inspired design is unique and tranquil with three parks, tree-lined streets, and lush landscaping," shared Sirius.

The Yoos own SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, located in 4S Ranch. Amber runs the practice. As surgeon, Dr. Sirius Yoo specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the head and neck, which include facelifts, rhinoplasty, laser procedures, and complex reconstruction of facial features.

"Giving back is very important to us both," affirmed Sirius. The medical team participates in team charity events and hosts fundraisers for local nonprofits. Amber is on the board of the Rady Children's Hospital Auxiliary as technology director. She's also helping to raise funds for the first heart transplants at the hospital. With her love for animals, Amber annually supports the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Spring Fling fundraiser.

Sirius plays tennis and competes in the USTA men's leagues and runs the Safari Park Half Marathon. Amber loves reading and enjoys her book club. Together, they work out at LA Fitness. Freckles the cat likes to follow Amber around the house. Hayden the pup is more of a couch potato, but will chase balls endlessly at the dog park. "We love waking to the sound of birds chirping. We love watching the hot air balloons drift by in the afternoons," added Sirius. A milestone is being celebrated by the Yoo family, who live, work, and play in a community that fills them with inspiration.

See the full article in the digital edition of the 92127 Magazine.

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