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"I'm happy with how I look for the first time in my life.  I love my new nose; it turned out even better than the computer simulations that Dr. Yoo showed me. I feel like I have a new outlook on life... Read this patient's diary.

"I am blown away by how awesome Dr. Yoo did - he is the best. I am so excited and happy with the results. He is AWESOME!  I have never seen my face look this good."

"Dr. Sirius Yoo and his team are absolutely amazing. I had numerous consultations with surgeons both in Canada and the U.S before I ultimately chose Dr. Yoo for my rhinoplasty. It wasn't even a question. I'm from Canada, so the consult was via Skype. I already knew he was the best facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, but it was a combination of both his credentials, confidence, and caring demeanor that meant the most to me. He's also just a cool person with great bedside manner. I found lots of other surgeons I talked to, I just simply didn't feel comfortable with. The staff members there were nothing but helpful throughout my entire experience as well.

I met Dr. Yoo in person the day before my surgery and after I met him, I felt way less nervous! I knew I was in good hands. The next day, the surgery went great and I should also note the nurse and anesthesiologist were both very professional and comforting. My recovery was amazing compared to what I expected. I hardly bruised at all, although everyone's recovery is different. When he removed my cast 6 days later, I got so emotional. Even with my nose super swollen, I still couldn't believe how amazing it looked. I was just in awe of his work. In that moment, I knew that he literally changed my life forever. Coming from someone who was called 'big bird' and bullied as a kid, I just know I'll never be able to repay him for what he did for me. 

I'm only 11 days post op and each day my nose swells a little more and then a little less and it still looks amazing. I can't wait until it is fully healed since I already love it now. If you take a look at his work online, you'll see how natural looking his noses are. The people who didn't know I was getting my nose done, didn't notice until I told them! Dr. Yoo and team, thank-you for changing my life."

"I spent over one year searching for the right surgeon for my revision rhinoplasty. I met with three other surgeons in San Diego and ultimately decided Dr. Yoo would be the right person for the job. I trusted my gut and it was a great choice. Dr. Yoo is very warm and friendly. He is very patient and has an excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Yoo for a revision rhinoplasty. My case was very complicated and he did a great job. I'm pleased with my results and have nothing but nice things to say about Dr .Yoo. The clinic is luxurious as well."

"Dr. Yoo is an incredible doctor/surgeon/magician. He was able to help me look so much better ... so so naturally; I am still so amazed. He was most patient with all my questions. He has the best bedside manner. His skill level is off the charts. His staff is warm and most helpful. I would give this doctor and staff 10 stars ... They are the best I could have hoped for."

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your kindness during the entire process. Surgery can be so scary, but you all made me feel so at ease. Thank you to Dr. Yoo for giving me the nose and chin of my dreams! I appreciate you SO much and [a,] so happy I chose you!!”

"I had a facial trauma as a child, and found out a number of months ago (as an adult) that I had a broken nose and damaged facial bones from it. I was sent by my TMJ specialist to find an ENT surgeon. I had a severely ("s" shaped and mangled) septum that had caused some serious breathing problems my whole life. I had sinus issues that needed medical attention as well. Also, I was self-conscious about the left side of my face appearing smashed from the trauma to my nose. I knew I needed to find a surgeon who could fix my medical issues, and cosmetically reconstruct my nose. I went to interview some surgeons and did some research online. Dr. Yoo had fantastic ratings, a long list of qualifications, and great before and after pictures of his work. When I went to meet him, I instantly knew he was the surgeon I wanted (and needed). He is known for his outstanding integrity. He is very detailed and thorough. When I went in for surgery, I felt completely at peace and in good hands. Even the woman at the check-in desk was raving about Dr. Yoo and said he was their favorite surgeon there. After surgery I cried from happiness, and kept holding up my hand in amazement to feel the air blowing in and out of my nose! Dr. Yoo repaired my medical issues, and gave me a lovely feminine nose that I now feel proud of. I'm still amazed at the repair he did - and I know that the other surgeons could not have helped me the way Dr. Yoo did. I feel like a whole person now; this has truly been a life changing experience. I would recommend Dr. Yoo to anyone who is searching for medical or cosmetic attention. Dr. Yoo, I cannot thank you enough. You have changed, and improved, my life forever. You transformed me from a trauma victim to a survivor. You are a surgical genius, and I'm beyond appreciative for your work."

"From the moment I walked in the door, I was very impressed! Dr. Yoo was my third consultation and I am so grateful that I found him because he did an impeccable job on my elective surgery. I made the first consultation appointment with him because I liked the fact that he only does facial plastic surgery. Most of the other experiences I had at other clinics were good, but Dr. Yoo and his staff were excellent. Before scheduling my surgery, I read that Dr. Yoo also works to repair botched jobs. Never having had any type of work done, this gave me a lot of confidence in Dr. Yoo and his staff.  When having a plastic surgery procedure done, it is incredibly important to trust the doctor and the staff that will be operating on you, and Dr. Yoo and his staff earned my trust.

The second SKY employee that I met, after the receptionist, Ayasha, was Michael, Dr. Yoo's Clinic Supervisor. He was so well versed on my surgery that he was able to answer any questions that I had and walked me thru the entire procedure. Dr. Yoo also sat down with me, of course, and explained every step of the surgery and then went in depth as to what to expect afterwards. Dr. Yoo, Michael, and myself all spent a lot of time analyzing the before and after pictures and discussing how the results would look during the first consultation as well as the pre-op appointment. They made sure that the results would be exactly what I wanted while giving their professional analysis as well.

The main things that set Dr. Yoo and SKY Facial Plastic Surgery apart from all of the other places that had been recommended to me by friends and online reviews were: the amount of time they spent making sure I understood the procedure, the fact that they only do facial plastic surgery, and their clinic's ambiance. My second choice place (a far second) did not have their own Operating Room (OR), which made me a little nervous. Dr. Yoo is able to perform his surgeries in his own office, in his own certified OR.

Before the surgery, the few people I had told, asked me if I was nervous. I could easily respond that I wasn't simply because of how much Dr. Yoo and Michael had told me and because of how much confidence I had in them. My surgery was about a month ago and the results are fantastic, I couldn't be happier!  The work that was done looks incredibly natural and I am so grateful that I had Dr. Yoo do my surgery. Their website describes the SKY team best, 'small team, big heart.'"

"I had upper and lower blepharoplasty. (eyelid surgery). I would recommend ANYONE thinking about eyelid surgery to go to Dr. Yoo. He is an extremely gifted plastic surgeon that was a true JOY to work with. Dr. Yoo was recommended to me by a friend and I could not be more pleased. I followed Dr. Yoo's recommendations to an exact science and the results are AMAZING!! I am four weeks out now and I am THRILLED with the results! Putting on makeup now is a whole new experience and so much fun! Thank you to Dr. Yoo and his office for the great experience and very FABULOUS results!!"

"My experience with Dr. Yoo and his team was absolutely superb and first rate. I've had two previous rhinoplasties by [another] surgeon with results that left me feeling disappointed and self-conscious. I had some reservations about the outcome of this surgery, but after meeting with Dr. Yoo, who was very poised and attentive, seeing the photos of his work and accomplished credentials gave me complete confidence in him.

My results were beyond remarkable!

Dr. Yoo's work exceeded my own expectations for my revision rhinoplasty. I was completely taken away with how I looked after my splint was removed. My nose looks even better than I imagined it could have and appears as natural as if I were born with it. 

The entire team at SKY Facial Plastic Surgery is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and very thorough. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly by telephone or email. Throughout the entire experience I was treated with compassion and respect.  I couldn't be more pleased with everything and would unquestionably recommend anyone to their practice!"

"I just my procedures done [two months ago]. I was bit weary [afterwards], but it was short lasted. Dr. Yoo was nothing but fabulous. Everything went fine & successful & I LOVE the result very much. I strongly recommend Dr Yoo to anyone who is considering any facial procedures." ~ Pt had facelift combined with additional procedures.

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"Coming into your office feels like an extended piece of home. You are all so warm and embracing and professional. Dr. Yoo is a MASTER at what he does and has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever been a patient of. Why anybody would EVER go anywhere else is a mystery to me. Looking forward to being your patient for many years to come."

"I finally got the courage to do something about the huge bags under my eyes.  I did my homework and narrowed down the potential plastic surgeons to three.  I wanted a surgeon who specialized in the face and was double board certified.  Dr. Yoo was my 3rd consult and from the moment I walked into his office I was impressed not only with the esthetics of the spa-like setting but with the professionalism and courtesy of the staff that greeted me.  When I met with Dr. Yoo, he listened patiently to what I wanted to achieve and was thorough in addressing all my concerns. I am now a month out [from surgery] and my bags are gone.  I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Yoo.  On a scale of 1 to 10 Doctor Yoo earned a TEN!"

"Thank you so much for always taking such great care of me! You have an awesome staff, they do a fantastic job of making me feel welcome and special every time I come in."

"Since I am a physician, I think I can recognize real quality of care when I receive it.  Dr. Yoo obviously enjoys what he does, enjoys interacting with his patients and certainly took excellent care of me.  He has a smile on his face and an excellent manner about him.  He trained at top notch places and it shows.  Can't imagine a better person for facial plastic surgery."

""I chose this procedure [facelift] to look refreshed, tuned-up, and as young as I feel. After interviewing several doctors, I chose Dr. Yoo. Step by step, I was well informed, comfortable, and most confident that Dr, Yoo and his capable staff would take good care of me and provide the very best results. Prior to, during, and after the procedure, I was very pleased with the process. It turned out amazing and I would recommend Dr. Yoo to anyone considering facial surgery." 

"I have been to many doctors and honestly was really impressed by Dr. Yoo and his staff. As soon as you arrive at his zen-like office you feel instantly at ease. His team is friendly and efficient. Dr. Yoo always takes time to answer my questions and is very patient. I went to see him to check on sinus issues and to get botox. I absolutely love my botox results- very natural. Regarding my sinus issues, he was also very thorough and really took the time to explain to me what was going on. I look forward to visiting his office again!"

"I made an appointment for a consultation, and have been completely and unexpectedly delighted by the experience and staff throughout the process. The office is elegant and professional.  Dr. Yoo and his staff presented options that fit my style, timeline and budget with no pressure, except that I get what I wanted from the experience.  Thank you for your time, thoughtful and expert advice and information."

"Exactly one year ago today I had my first consultation with Dr. Yoo. I explained to Dr. Yoo that I had a rhinoplasty in 2007 by another doctor and how unhappy I was. After carefully examining my nose, Dr. Yoo explained to me that he could help. Little did I know how happy I would be today; my nose is so beautiful and perfect, yes is perfect!!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Yoo. I always feel happy to walk into his office; everyone in his office is always so nice and helpful. I had been hiding my face behind sunglasses for a long time, until my revised rhinoplasty. Nowadays, no matter how strong the sun is I can face the world without being embarrassed."

PHOTO: Card from patient states, "There are certain rare and wonderful people who touch our lives with generosity of time and spirit."

"You have exceeded my expectations in every facet of this process. The way you affect so many lives is truly inspiring. I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness, attention to detail, and dedication." 



"I knew from my first appointment, I would be in caring, skilled, and competent hands, from start to finish. Your entire staff is amazing, Amber, Michael, and those who cared for me prior to, during, and after my surgery.  All of you are the most excellent, considerate, and outstanding team."


"I decided to get a rhinoplasty because after breaking my nose as a teenager my breathing wasn't the greatest and it wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing nose. I was a bit concerned because I was getting married two months after the procedure but six weeks post-op I was already pleased with the results. My nose looked great and my breathing has never been better which has allowed me to get the best sleep of my life. Dr. Yoo and his entire staff were very warm, courteous, and professional. I could not have asked for a better experience." 

"After a surfing accident that left me with a fractured throat, I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Dr. Yoo and his wonderful staff, who helped turn an unfortunate accident into the most positive experience possible. I cannot thank Dr. Yoo enough for ensuring that I received the most exceptional, thorough and compassionate care at all times. The high level of confidence I had in my care really made a positive difference during the recovery process. Dr. Yoo is always patient and understanding, and takes his time in providing clear and thorough explanations to all questions. Dr. Yoo and his top quality staff go above and beyond expectations to provide the most caring, friendly and professional services possible. They really listen and strive to be helpful and courteous and are a shining example of the kind of medical care we all hope for. I highly recommend Dr. Yoo to anyone in need of his services."

"I found SKY, thanks to my dermatologist who performed Mohs skin cancer surgery for a very large section of my cheek. She referred me to Dr. Yoo to close the wound and repair the damage. Dr. Yoo, Michael, Claire and Ashaya were all so very kind, thoughtful, professional and extremely competent. My face is healing beautifully. Dr. Yoo continues to monitor my progress. I have since met all the others of SKY team and they're wonderful, too. SKY is a blessing in my life. To say that Dr. Yoo is a miracle worker is not an exaggeration!"

"You are so good to your patients and I so appreciate it. I like being spoiled! It is a wonderful treat!"

PHOTO: Thank you card from a patient.

"I cannot thank you enough and words cannot express how impressed and deeply touched I was during my procedure with you. You exude a caring and compassion like I have never experienced in any medical circumstances. Your consultation was sincere; your care unprecedented. You were so gentle and I’d love to shout your name from rooftops – I was especially touched that you referred to me as family. It’s wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you’ve done."

PHOTO: Thank you card from patient.

"First and foremost, I would like thank Dr. Yoo and his team for an easy and professional experience.  I needed to have an excision performed from a botched surgery previously.  I am an extremely nervous person and Dr. Yoo helped me feel at ease very quickly.  His primary concern with his patients is making sure that they are comfortable and happy with the results of their procedure.  The staff follows the same hospitality and each person I met with in the office was very nice and helpful in answering all of my questions.  The most impressive part of my actual procedure was Dr. Yoo's remarkably perfect stitch work.  Not only was he meticulous and took his time, but he made sure I was doing ok the entire time.  After my surgery, he made sure that I had follow up visits a week after, 1 month later, and 3 months after that.  He goes over and above any surgeon I have ever had and I'm so impressed that I'm going back for a second procedure.  Highly recommended!"

PHOTO: Thank you card from patient.

"I will always remember all of you and your kindness. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job. I don't miss all the fat, etc. at all! Thank you for your thoughtfulness."

"I originally found Dr. Yoo through the Senta Clinic in San Diego. At the time, I had terrible pain resulting from a previous facial fracture. His procedure left no visible scars. My compressed facial nerve was alleviated and my facial symmetry was restored. Dr. Yoo's technique was highly advanced in comparison to my previous surgeries to repair the facial fracture. It's been a couple years now and I'm still pain free. I saw the Dr. recently and it was still a great experience. I was not kept waiting long and his staff was courteous and pleasant. I wanted to take some time and personally thank Dr. Yoo for helping me. I think your skill is truly amazing. Thanks Dr. Yoo!"

"Dr. Yoo is a great doctor who takes the time to listen to all of your concerns and questions and answers them. He is skilled, knowledgeable, kind, patient, confident and explains all of your treatment options. I had a cartilage-skin graft done to reconstruct the side of my nose, which was not satisfactory following a previous surgery by another doctor. The graft was successful and now my nose looks normal again! Everyone tells me that it looks so good that you can’t even tell that I had surgery. Thank you, Dr. Yoo. You have done an amazing job! Dr. Yoo is a great plastic surgeon and one of the nicest doctors I have ever known. I highly recommend him."

"I'm looking forward to getting started on my anti aging journey! Loved Dr. Yoo; very informative on each procedure. I most appreciated his taking time to explain just what he felt I needed, and also his honesty. Each staff member was very knowledgeable, efficient and warm and friendly."

"Thank you for caring and being available to do my surgery. Your character of integrity outlines your gifts and professionalism." 

PHOTO: Thank you card from Del Norte High School.

"Thank you very much for the donation to our Del Norte Plus program. On behalf of our team at Del Norte, we would like to extend our gratitude for your generosity. We really appreciate your generosity!" ~ Sincerely, Del Norte Plus Team

PHOTO: Bridget with volunteer Charles Miller

"Thank you so much for your support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation & Cycle for Life 2014. Your support helped us surpass our fundraising goals and earn a spot as one of this year's top teams! More importantly, your contribution went to help fund more research, raise more awareness and bring hope to those affected by this disease. Thank you for your kindness and for your generosity!" ~ Team Bridget

Thank you card from FACE Foundation for SKY’s support and donations.
Thank you card from FACE Foundation for SKY’s support and donations.