Day 54 - Let there be light!

by Amber N. Yoo, M.B.A.

More exciting progress at the 4S Ranch office! It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to a space! The first coat is almost finished:

PHOTO: View of the assistant station with a fresh coat of paint

The lighting in the photo makes the paint look green, but it's actually a neutral greyish color. Very modern and light!

I ran into one of the painters in the reception area doing an excellent job of painting the edge next to the ceiling:

PHOTO: Painter on a ladder painting the top edge of the wall

The Utgard crew also painted all of the air conditioning vents the same color as the ceiling. Talk about attention to detail!

PHOTO: Vents laid out on the ground, freshly painted

The next day when I stopped by, the electrician was installing the lights! You can see the one that is already on in the reception area:

PHOTO: Electrician on ladder installing canned lights

Meanwhile in the surgical suite, the drop-down ceiling was being installed in the room where the instruments will be sterilized.

PHOTO: Man installing drop-down ceiling.

The yellow device on the wall is a pretty nifty laser that is used to make sure the ceiling is level. We are putting a drop-down ceiling in this room to allow for easy access to the HVAC units, which you can see above the ceiling grid.

After the site visit, Kelly asked me to stop by Studio H to review valence options for the windows:

PHOTO: Different types of fabric displayed as valance options.

We both liked the "outside the box" option -- the bottom right gold fabric that looks like leather. But the color was a little off. So, we chose the same fabric but in white!

PHOTO: White fabric chosen for valances.

It's modern, a bit unexpected and it will go great with the shiny white cabinets installed throughout the space!

Can't wait to see what's next, but until then...

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