Polly Want a Cracker?

Dr. Yoo provided temporary shelter for this lost parakeet, who seemed grateful for the birdseed and water!

Did you know that our facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sirius K. Yoo loves birds? Last night, he came to the rescue of a parakeet hanging out on the ground in front of a local grocery store. The bird is not afraid of humans and kept flying into the glass doors. We think it is someone's lost pet. With the help of the store's staff, Dr. Yoo got the bird into a paper bag with holes punched in it, purchased some birdseed and took him home.

The found parakeet munches on some birdseed.

At home, he immediately started eating the birdseed. Dr. Yoo noticed that his ankle is tagged. Hopefully, it will provide the identification necessary to locate his family.

Here is the parakeet in her temporary shelter (a cat crate).

Dr. Yoo converted his cat's carrier into a temporary shelter for the found bird. He may have been lost for a few days. He was very hungry, thirsty and tired. 

UPDATE: We were not able to locate the parakeet's original family, but we have great news! A family that lives in Dr. Yoo's neighborhood adopted the bird. Now he has a little girl to play with as well as another pet bird.